~Roland is James' little brother. He is created by and belongs to Thunderbird1InternationalRescue, the only user who can edit this page unless permission is granted.~


Name: Roland



Nickname(s): Rol, Roley.

Born: December 27, 2010

Age: 5

Gender: Male

Gauge: Narrow

Engine Type: Steam

Relatives: James and Eagle (older brothers), Skarloey, Rheneas (cousins), Agatha (aunt), Victor (uncle)

Number: 17

Color(s): Red and gold

Configuration: 0-4-0

Likes: Being with his brothers, parents, and cousins, playing with older engines, flatbed rides, blowing his whistle and ringing his bell.

Dislikes: Storms, bees, wasps, mean engines, getting hurt, losing his favorite toy.


Roland is a very shy little engine, but is very lively once you get to know him. He usually starts to cry when confronted by a mean engine or whenever he gets hurt or scared.


  • He sleeps with a stuffed giraffe named "Reggie", which is also his favorite toy.
  • He knows very little about his parents.
  • He loves blowing his whistle and clanging his bell, though James and Eagle are teaching him how to control it.